Home Food and Travel is all about enjoying life

The first Home Food and Travel magazine was published in 2003 in the Eastern Cape.  Since then Home Food and Travel has opened franchises around the country.

Having a great home, visiting beautiful and exciting places and enjoying good food is what we are all about. We travel far and wide to find places that we know our readers will enjoy.

Not every place we review is the best in its class but they each offer something special and that is what we look for.  Maybe it is a view, maybe a location, maybe a special recipe – whatever it is, we do our best to present it to you.

About Ricochet Publishing

Ricochet Publishing also publishes Business Link, Wedding and FunctionKids ConnectionRNEWS and Bargain Buys.

In 2016 Ricochet Publishing began franchising this highly successful business model. In the same year we also added a weekly email newsletter.

Home Food and Travel Franchises

We have a number of franchises around the country and are looking to fill in the areas where we have no coverage.

The franchises are easy to manage and are designed to be run from home by one person.  All you need is a computer, internet connection and a cell phone and you can start a Home Food and Travel franchise.

We provide you will all the sales tools you need to make this a very successful enterprise.

If you are interested in owning a Home Food and Travel franchise please click here.

A strong web presence

The Home Food and Travel website was initial established as a directory but has since morphed into a blog as this is better suited to current search trends and search engine functionality.

We employ the services of a wide range of authors who love to travel, eat out and make a house a home.

The website and articles are structured in a manner that will ensure that the articles land up on the first page of a Google search for the topic of the article.