Wawu Tonic & Pretty Poison Gin are a perfect mix

Pretty Poison gin

As a card-carrying member of the gin revolution, I can tell you that Wawu Tonic mixed with Pretty Poison Ginand rounded off with a slice of orange is fantastic.

One of the great features of gin is that it can be flavoured, infused, steeped and tinctured with any manner of herbs, spices, flowers, fruits and, literally, any other organic matter. In a well-distilled gin, these translate into deliciously subtle tastes.

Wawu Tonic is a perfect complement for Pretty Poison Gin

Pretty poison gin
Pretty poison please?

The last thing you want to do is overpower these beautiful hints of flavour with strong tonic water. Most dry gins, those that are solely flavoured with juniper, do well with a generous portion of tonic and a slice of lime or lemon.

However, in the case of gin such as Pretty Poison that has hints of Strawberry and Blueberry, a full can of tonic water will wipe out those delicious infusions.

Thankfully, the Richmond Hill Brewing Company, the producers of Pretty Poison, know their business and have also introduced a wonderfully-subtle tonic water called Wawu.

In the past, I would mix as little as a tot of tonic water with a well-crafted gin and then top it up with ice and soda water.

With Wawu tonic, I find that I can add liberal amounts to my Pretty Poison gin. The Wawu does not overpower the gin, but it creates a whole new and well-complemented taste.

Wawu Butterfly Pea Flower infused Tonic

Pretty Poison with Wawu Tonic
Wawu Tonic

Finding the right mix for the right gin is a very enjoyable way to spend a relaxed evening or weekend.

What would you mix with a Renosterbos infusion or a gin distilled from sorghum? There are some really interesting creations on the shelves around South Africa. Many of these gins are rather expensive because they are, literally, works of art.

My advice is to always have a can or two of the Wawu Butterfly Pea Flower infused tonic on hand for these mixing adventures.

This tonic is as subtle as a caress from a velvet glove and I have found that, in varying quantities, it mixes incredibly well with even the most delicate of gins.

On a recent sweltering Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend and I spent many enjoyable hours mixing and matching.

Between cooling off in the pool and chatting next to the braai, we discovered that our favourite of the afternoon was single tot of Pretty Poison Gin mixed with a 1/3 of a can of Wawu Indian Tonic, lots of ice and topped off with a juicy slice of orange. Cheers!

For more information on the Richmond Hill Brewing Company, follow them on Facebook or visit their pub along Alabaster Street, Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth. To make a reservation, call 066 472 6352.

Wawu tonics and Pretty Poison Gin can be found in select stores in the Port Elizabeth.

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